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Why Java Certification Test?

1. Hiring preference: recognized by many government departments and IT companies. Over the years Oracle certifications have helped software developers improve their skills and to stand out in the crowd and have also give employers a good measure of the skill level of candidates.

2. Great Addition on to you Resume

Java Certification looks very good on the resume. Especially if you do not have outstanding academic records or something on extracurricular which stands out, go for Java certification. This will fill your gaps in the resume. It also sometimes acts as a filtering criterion. A hiring manager with 100 resumes from freshers and junior Java developers has only limited time to conduct interviews. He will undoubtedly call the first 10 of them who have either outstanding academic records or Java certifications on their resume. 标题不要改,这段需要paraphrase

3. Get A Higher Salary

Researches indicates that Java certified professionals often get a better salary and package than non-certified Java developers.

One reason for this could be that employer’s value a Java Certified professional more than those who are not. Which is true, some companies especially mention that they will hire only Oracle Certified Professional. Another reason for the better package of certified Java professionals can be attributed to confidence and negotiation power they achieved by doing well in Java certification. Once you are certified with the 90+ score, you automatically feel confidence in yourselves, which reflects when you interview and negotiate这段需要paraphrase

4. Free and easy to learn: it is a great start for your IT career. As free and open source software, you pay nothing to learn. Besides, the Java language has a simple syntax/grammar. It is quite similar with many popular languages such as C and C++. Virtual machine escort. Java programmers do not need to manually open and release memory, all done by the virtual machine for you.

This course will advance your career as a Full Stack Developer. You’ll learn top skills demanded in the industry, including Angular, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Servlets, and JSPs, as well as MVC, web services, and SOA to build highly web scalable apps.